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Universality is your support tool in IT recruitment

What do you gain?

  • You lower the IT recruitment costs
  • You significantly decrease employee rotation
  • You recruit IT employees optimally prepared for work in your company
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What market problems are solved by Universality?


Problems with finding the right candidate

There is a shortage of about 300 thousand IT employees in the whole Europe, in Poland it's about 50 thousand people. Despite the fact that IT studies belong to the most popular fields of study, the graduates often don't fulfil the recruitment criteria – academical knowledge is not enough to meet the actual market requirements.


Growing costs of IT employee recruitment

Recruitment processes are expensive and time-consuming: job advertisements, prolonged decision-making process, the process of checking the actual skills of the candidate, training and orientation do not guarantee finding the right employee.


Candidate skills inadequate to the character of the work

Young candidates often know the necessary technologies, but the standards on the market are foreign to them. The style in which they are writing the code is not compatible with the standard adopted by the company. As a result, for a graduate to become an effective, independent employee, many months of training and orientation are needed.

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How does Universality support the process of recruitment and selection of developers?

Database of 2000+ tasks

Select those that best reflect the character of work at the position you are recruiting for or add your own.


During their studies, the students solve tasks adjusted to the challenges of your industry, gaining experience valuable for your company.


Students' progress is assessed by the teachers or specialists from your company. That allows you to lead them down an individual career path, optimal for your company. You can be sure that the graduates will cope with typical challenges in your company.

Recruit the most talented

You can invite students who have successfully completed your career path to apply for positions in your company. You have access to the database of the most talented graduates and the certainty that they are well prepared for work.

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What does the Universality platform offer?

Ample database of tasks

Select from among 2000 tasks that best reflect the character of work at your company and/or add your own.

Career paths

Create career paths preparing the students for work at a specific position in your company.

Monitor the progress

Observe the actions of students solving your tasks and guide them along their dedicated career path according to the needs of your company.

Student database

Over 2500 students from all over Poland willing to learn the skills required by your company.

School database

Gain access to more than 100 schools where teachers use the platform to support their students in obtaining skills needed on the job market.

Student ranking

Observe the students, recruit the best ones, and obtain IT Top-Talents before they enter the job market.

Resume with code samples

First on the market, available in real-time resume with code samples from the entire period of studies that will give you a certainty regarding the competences of the candidate.

Student search engine

The platform allows looking for the best students with the ability to sort and filter them according to the city, school, technology, and skills.

Elevate the recruitment in your company to a higher level!

  • Optimize the recruitment process
  • Lower the costs of employee induction
  • Decrease the employee rotation
  • Hire the best people!
Begin recruitmentRemember! Your future employees are still studying!You have an influence on what they will learn and with what skills will they enter the job market.
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